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Patrick Loertscher’s best images are available as valuable original prints in a limited and signed edition. All the photographs in this gallery series, with a maximum total print run of 150 or 250 copies, are exposed on high-quality silver halide material and then signed and numbered by the artist. Every work purchased is delivered with a certificate of origin containing information about the subject of the photograph, and a limited edition guarantee.

The selling price of the photographs is determined by demand, the size of the print run, photograph format and choice of frame. In principle, identical selling prices are established for each limited edition at the outset. For very popular subjects, however, the price will rise progressively as increasing numbers of prints are sold.

The following photographs are available in different formats. The final formats are determined by the aspect ratio of the pictures and are divided up into the following three groups:
Sizes without frame:
50 x 40 cm (20“ x 16“)
76 x 60 cm (30“ x 24“)
120 x 94 cm (47“ x 37“)
Panoramic 1:2
Sizes without frame:
120 x 60 cm (47“ x 24“)
Panoramic 1:3
Sizes without frame:
150 x 50 cm (60“ x 20“)
180 x 60 cm (72“ x 24“)
210 x 70 cm (84“ x 28“)
240 x 80 cm (96“ x 32“)
270 x 90 cm (105“ x 35“)
300 x 100 cm (120“ x 40“)