A truly great photograph in large format has the power to capture the viewer’s attention and evoke intense emotions. Professional and tasteful framing will not only increase the value of a Limited Edition Photographe but will also serve to enhance the viewer’s experience.

We have developed an exclusive collection of frames for our photographic artworks. Our frames provide the perfect setting for the photographs and correspond to the various formats in which they are available. The size of the images, personal taste and the style of the surrounding décor will all play an important part in your choice of frame. It is usually also possible to have an individual frame made for your favourite photograph, completely tailored to your requirements.

The following examples give an overview of our tasteful collection of frames. We would be delighted to offer you personal and in-depth consultation at the Patrick Loertscher Wilderness Gallery in Heiden or at one of our exhibitions, and to work with you to put together the perfect combination for your needs.

Floating glass frame with
hidden suspension

Available sizes for this frame:
– Panoramic 1:2, 120 x 60 cm (47“ x 24“)
– Basic, 76 x 60 cm (30“ x 24“)

Acrylic frame with black metal profile

– Panoramic 1:3, 150 x 50 cm (60“ x 20“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 180 x 60 cm (72“ x 24“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 210 x 70 cm (84“ x 28“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 240 x 80 cm (96“ x 32“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 270 x 90 cm (105“ x 35“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 300 x 100 cm (120“ x 40“)
– Panoramic 1:3, 380 x 125 cm (152“ x 50“)

Glass frame with screw mount

This frame is only available for this size:
– Basic, 120 x 94 cm (47“ x 37“)

American cherry wood frame

Available sizes for this frame:
– Basic, 50 x 40 cm (20“ x 16“)
– Basic, 76 x 60 cm (30“ x 24“)

Artistic frame made from select
recycled wood

This frame is available for all sizes.