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Patrick Loertscher is one of the most important landscape photographers of our time. Driven by his boundless passion for taking very special photographs, he travels the world year after year exploring the beauties of nature and landscape. With his panoramic and medium-format cameras, he has found an unprecedented way of documenting the wonders of the earth in large format. His distinctive images show incredible depth, and each one illustrates the true soul of a landscape. Every photograph is a complete work of art, revealing itself to the viewer in all its uniqueness. Patrick Loertscher was awarded the prestigious title “Master of Photography“ by the FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers). It is the highest international distinction for photographers and had never before been awarded to a Swiss citizen.

Patrick Loertscher founded his own publishing company in 1995 and has been selling his exclusive photographic art calendars ever since, both in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. Extensive travels to Australia, Asia, Africa and America not only provide the master photographer with the basis for new work but also serve as a welcome opportunity to gain insights into foreign cultures and to identify contemporary trends.
Encouraged by his huge success, the well-travelled artist and entrepreneur continued to develop new visions, and fulfilled another cherished ambition by opening his own gallery in his home town of Heiden some ten years ago. Ever since then the presentation concept of his Wilderness Gallery, the only one of its kind in Europe, has been transporting visitors to the magical world of landscape photography from all five continents. Patrick Loertscher pays tribute to his great love for his homeland in the recently published book Swiss Vision. In this masterpiece he illustrates dramatically and with flawless perfection the unique qualities of Switzerland, in all its beautiful and unspoilt glory. Our national government gives Swiss Vision to presidents, diplomats and other high-ranking figures from all over the world as a symbol of Switzerland.

Thousands of enthusiasts both in Switzerland and abroad are now the proud owners of a signed Limited Edition Photograph from this collection. Patrick Loertscher’s photographic artworks are to be found both in corporate environments and in people’s homes. Whether ‘modern living’ or ‘classic workspace’, his works transport their viewers to places where, for an instant, they long to be, and inspire poignant and lasting daydreams.

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